The Crowsourced Google Doc

Want to get involved in redefining the industry and maturing it through a collective effort? The best way to do so is by jumping in to the google doc we've got going. Below, you'll see some of the highlights from it as of Aug '17. Also, there's a bit more information about how the document will evolve and when we'll be publishing the first draft.

Make SUggestions

See something in the work that could be modified, but not completely removed? Change the google doc settings to "suggesting" and then change anything! The changes won't show until they're reviewed and resolved. All suggestions welcome, especially if you're good with grammar!

Edit raw text

Want to add a topic completely missing? Want to change the table of contents and delete a couple sections of work? OK! Sounds great! Edit the raw text and even contact the document creator for extra permissions.

Sign as a contributor

At the end of the document there's a section for noting all of our contributions to the project. Each and every person that makes an edit, suggests something, or even just one comment can claim to have contributed to the final document.