a huge thanks to this list of amazing photographers who have contributed photos to the project

What does craft chocolate mean? Who are the growers of fine flavour cacao? How can we best work together to promote the industry as a whole?


Our Mission

the chocolate cartography project is the hub of a crowdsourced movement for the craft chocolate industry. it's a community hub to contribute to the larger goal of mapping out all fine cacao growers, craft chocolate makers, and retailers of good chocolate.

the project was founded in July of 2017 by "Chocolate Cartographer" Michael Ryan after he noticed the struggle the craft chocolate industry was having with defining terms around products and fluently communicating identities within the community. he took a page out of Iceland's political revolution and began crowdsourcing data specifically around craft chocolate.

most of all, the project is meant to MAP OUT chocolate and gain exposure for all participants in the craft chocolate industry. so move over cheap chocolate, we're here to stay.

when we work together, everyone benefits.

pin, map, Eat some chocolate, repeat.

Have fun. As one of the industry’s well known gurus once said “if you’re working with chocolate and not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.”
— Clay Gordon, the Chocolate Life


  • Locate and list all the companies making chocolate ethically, all around the world
  • Create exposure for cacao farmers to showcase their beans and in turn grow their business
  • Map a network of retail locations where good chocolate can be purchased. This tool will increase consumer awareness of the industry as a whole
  • Define clear identifiers, allowing fluency of communication.
  • Use those identifiers as a challenge to improve sustainability, visibility, and transparency.
  • Communicate. Share stories. Plan trips. Visit famers, makers, and sellers.